Interview, greenkey face-cam, news report or a videoconference at short notice?

Need a back-up filming crew? Cameramen, sound engineers, boom operators, video mixers, image/sound editors, graphic designers, IT developers, video directors, technical advisors, scriptwriters, motion designers;

Learnence has an inexhaustible pool of expertise to support all your projects. Human resources and filming equipment: we can supplement your teams or take complete charge of your production.

Serious Games

We develop tailor-made Serious Games that allow your employees to understand theory and practice better by inviting them to interact with the video. This interaction process has proven to be very effective in the context of solo learning and experimentation.

Our teams can also propose an e-learning deployment strategy to subtly balance your face-to-face and distance learning courses.

Player Learnence

The "PLAYER LEARNENCE" allows the visualisation of enriched, interactive and intuitive presentations by synchronising images from one or more cameras, PowerPoint presentations, videos, software demos, web browsing, medical devices, assembly lines, etc.

This player offers multilingual options and integrates a series of associated resources. It can be viewed without any installation or application, directly online, and is supported on PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, etc.


Thanks to our "Streamcase Learnence", produce your Rapid Learning video capsules in total autonomy.

Ideal for regular use in training centres, internal company communication, capturing lessons in auditoriums or during symposiums and conferences, the Streamcase will be your best ally for the creation of your E-Learning modules.

A simple and intuitive interface for recording, a practical content editor and a sub-controlled automation of data processing that will save you many days of work and post-production.


Thanks to the various tools developed in-house by our teams: the Learnence video player, the Streamcase, its live streaming tools and its MediaZone/EventsHub for managing media content and hosting virtual events, Learnence can really take charge of the entire production chain of your MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Not only can Learnence help you create the modules by capturing and playing back video of your lectures and presentation materials, but it can also provide added value in terms of deployment strategy, structure of the learning path you wish to set up for your learners, distribution networks, methodology and reflection on the most appropriate teaching approach.