Stop Motion Animation

Need a StopMotion animation? "Flash" animation, modelling clay, cut-out paper, cartoon, "white board" animation?

Learnence will accompany you throughout the production process at all levels. We create your project together with fixed goals and values.

We use the standard softwares of the profession and have a considerable amount of resourcefulness...

Our team provides animation services for e-learning, communication, corporate or marketing purposes. We work with you to develop the scenario, the target values and the visual and sound design.

Whatever the animation technique chosen, Learnence can always integrate interaction possibilities worthy of the best serious games; click zones, point counters, learner follow-up, skill validation tests, etc.

Same method is always applied; we work in stages, in constant collaboration with our clients. We validate each step together before moving on to the next. This saves everyone a lot of time and avoids unpleasant surprises: listening to your expectations, brainstorming, storytelling, interaction proposals, script, storyboard, cutting, recording of any "voices over", stop motion production, soundtrack production, editing, mixing, colour grading, integration of interactions, delivery of the finished product and distribution strategy.

We take care of everything, but with you and for you.

Do you already have in-house resources and want to delegate only part of the production? No problem, the method remains the same, as does the attention that will be given to the work by our teams.