Learnence group

Learnence Group

Based in the heart of Europe, between Brussels and Namur, Learnence Srl is active in the production of interactive videos. Interactive video aims to go beyond the linear model of passive content consumption. It allows the viewer, the internet user to be involved and to be engaged.

Our productions have a significant added value in terms of E-learning content (Serious Games, Rapid Learning, MOOC, Webcasting, webinar), event video (multi-camera, live streaming, social network interactions) as well as in the development of marketing, corporate or traditional communication video projects.

Since 2009, our team has been working hard to develop in-house technologies or to associate and divert (if necessary) existing technologies in order to find the most efficient way to meet our clients' needs. Finding the solution and achieving the impossible is our mission. This is how we come close to the work of alchemists!

With a modern outlook, we see each new project as a challenge to be met. We offer services that are 100% adaptable to the development and technologies required. We choose the techniques and tools according to our clients' needs, not the other way around.