Live Streaming

With Video Live Streaming, allow remote people to follow your events, webinars, training courses, seminars, and classroom courses live online. You can choose to broadcast live on your own website or via your dedicated MediaZone/EventsHub. Log in to your secure zone and manage access to the live video stream! You can also offer participants the opportunity to interact live via chat, email, twitter, and many others with the speakers or the audience.


All in service

  • Video and audio capture
  • Live mixing
  • Live broadcasting
  • Web page or secure access creation
  • Social network management
  • Attendance statistics collection


  • SD or HD resolution
  • Portability on PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones
  • Optimal broadcasting conditions verification before the event: line test, stream integration test, etc.


  • Base of 500 simultaneous users
  • Total number of users without limit
  • Public or private secure broadcasting
  • Assistance with virality on social networks

Social Network Streaming

In addition to traditional live video streaming, we help you broadcast live on social networks: Facebook Live, Youtube Live, etc.

Broadcasting live is not a guarantee of success without a real optimisation of the virality of your events. The Learnence team can help you establish a good publication strategy before and after the broadcast of your event: teaser, countdown, precise and effective posts on different networks, promotional videos, broadcast schedule, and many other services.