Jobs Administrative assistant

The administrative assistant ensures the administrative follow-up of sales. This specialist is in charge of quotations, orders, invoicing and also participates in the daily management of the company's operations.

Main tasks

  • Ensure commercial and administrative processing (follow-up of orders and sales, invoicing elements and deliveries, etc.)
  • Manage the production team schedule
  • Communicate product/service information to customers
  • Monitoring customer databases and generating statistics related to operations
  • Participate in prospecting and being able to transmit technical and commercial information
  • Write quotations

Expectations for this role

  • Be available and have the ability to listen and be diplomatic
  • Be organised and rigorous
  • Be team-oriented
  • Knowledge of the events and audiovisual production sector is a plus

Skills required

  • Administrative and accounting skills
  • Business school or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in office automation tools (Office suite, CRM, ERP) and collaborative IT tools (shared diary/planning, web conferencing, etc.)
  • Level of English B2 / NDL B1
  • Minimum 3 years equivalent experience
  • Excellent time and priority management skills

Collaborates with the teams

  • Audiovisual production
  • Product and development teams
  • Sales, communication and marketing team

Reports to

  • Operations Director

About Learnence Group

Learnence SRL is active in the production of interactive videos. Interactive video aims to go beyond the linear model of passive content consumption. It allows the viewer, the Internet user, to be involved and engaged.

Learnence produces TV programmes for companies and institutions.

Our productions have significant added value in terms of content and audience engagement:

Face-to-face, hybrid or 100% virtual event solutions (multi-camera, live streaming, social network interactions, digital event platforms) as well as in the development of marketing, corporate or traditional communication video projects.

E-learning (Serious Games, Rapid Learning, MOOC, Webcasting, webinar)

Contact : info[at]learnence[dot]com