Full Stack Developer


The Full Stack Developer is specialised in the design and implementation of IT/software tools to enhance Learnence SRL's product and solution offering and in particular the EventsHub.eu platform.

Main tasks

Write all or part of the software, programs, interface components and database
Create a prototype of the software and have it validated by the client or line managers
Carry out extensive testing to ensure the reliability of the software
Write an installation and user manual for the software and/or provide training
Technical support and maintenance
Improve existing programs
Maintain a technology watch

Expectations for this role

The software developer masters different computer languages depending on the needs of the company or the client. The most commonly used are : HTML / CSS, JS, PHP, SQL
Knowledge of Linux / Unix operating systems
Github, Gitlab and CI/CD deployment

Skills required

Backend : Laravel
Frontend : Tailwind CSS, VueJS
AWS, OVH, Pusher, servers Linux
Configuration serveurs (nginx, redis, mysql, php,...)
“User experience" vision
Mokup tools (Figma, Adobe XD,...)
A competent computer coder is rigorous, patient, persevering and efficient in a team. Passionate about his/her discipline, he/she is curious and keeps up to date with all the latest developments in his/her preferred languages in order to be able to use the most recent and most optimised technologies
Ability to communicate with customers, technicians and Learnence SRL's internal or partner teams
Developer training or equivalent experience of 5 years or can demonstrate equivalent experience
French Level B2
English level B1 - Technical English
Dutch is a strong asset

Collaborates with the teams

Production teams
Product managers
All Learnence departments project requester (via Software Development Manager)

Reports to

Software development manager

About EventsHub

Live here, virtual everywhere.
EventsHub is the ideal digital platform to support your event, whatever the format! Whether it's an in-person event, a hybrid event or a virtual event, EventsHub is the solution for making your event stand out and building a loyal community over time.

More information : eventshub.eu

About Learnence Group

Learnence SRL is active in the production of interactive videos. Interactive video aims to go beyond the linear model of passive content consumption. It allows the viewer, the Internet user, to be involved and engaged.
Learnence produces TV programmes for companies and institutions.
Our productions have significant added value in terms of content and audience engagement:
Face-to-face, hybrid or 100% virtual event solutions (multi-camera, live streaming, social network interactions, digital event platforms) as well as in the development of marketing, corporate or traditional communication video projects.
E-learning (Serious Games, Rapid Learning, MOOC, Webcasting, webinar)

Contact : info[at]learnence[dot]com